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What happens at a PrEP assessment

Have you ever wondered what happens at a PrEP assessment? Firstly, PrEP assessments are part of your regular sexual health check-up, so there is no need to book a separate appointment.

What to know before your appointment:

Be prepared to talk about your sexual history. The clinic health care professionals will want to discuss this with you; please remember they are not there to judge you, only to help you! If this is your first HIV screening, you should know that this requires a blood test – it will feel like a sharp prick but should not be painful, and your healthcare professional will be there to talk to you if you need reassurance!

A woman speaking to a sexual health clinician who shows her information on a clipboard.

At the appointment:

During your appointment, you will have a full STI check including an HIV test– ask your local sexual health clinic about what happens at your check up, find your clinic here. The clinic will also want to check your kidney function, as this is required for anyone who wants to take PrEP. The team will talk to you about your general health, the way you have sex, who you have sex with, and what protection measures you currently use – please be honest with them as this helps to assess your suitability for PrEP. The team will talk to you on the day about your options.

After your appointment:

Your STI, HIV, and kidney function results will all come back, ask your sexual health clinic to confirm the turnaround times. If these are satisfactory results, the clinic will contact you about PrEP. There are two different ways you can take PrEP. This can look like:

Your clinician will tell you the best way to take this – always take as prescribed!

Once you start PrEP, you must return to your sexual health clinic for a full STI and possibly also kidney function test every three months. Continue to take PrEP as prescribed for maximum protection against HIV!

Contact your local sexual health clinic today to get booked in. Find your closest sexual health clinic here